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2019 White Sox Schedule

How it works

Below is a list of games open to all current clients that includes two tickets to any home game with two Huntington bank stadium passes. Enjoy world famous levy restaurants, fine dining and service while taking in a breathtaking panoramic view of the field. The tickets are located on the Club level, even with the pitchers mound on the first base side. Watch the game in comfort on the exclusive 300 level of the ballpark and enjoy a relaxing and casual ballpark experience. View the game from your seats or step inside the club lounge complete with plasma TV's, a full bar and specialty concession stands.  


  • Private indoor club area with upscale lounge areas, concessions and restrooms
  • Access to indoor skyline sports bar
  • Premium food stations located throughout the level
  • Club level gift shop

Approximate seat view 

2019 Ticket Availability

Please pick 2-3 game days in case your first choice is already taken. The games listed below are all games LEFT for the year.


April 6th      Sox vs Mariners      Saturday at 1:10pm     

April 7th      Sox vs Mariners      Sunday at 1:10pm 

April 8th      Sox vs Rays            Monday at 1:10pm

April 9th      Sox vs Rays            Tuesday at 1:10pm

April 10th    Sox vs Rays            Wednesday at 1:10pm

April 15th    Sox vs Royals         Monday at 7:10pm

April 16th    Sox vs Royals         Tuesday at 7:10pm

April 17th    Sox vs Royals         Wednesday at 7:10pm

April 26th    Sox vs Tigers          Friday at 7:10pm

April 27th    Sox vs Tigers          Saturday at 6:10pm

April 28th    Sox vs Tigers          Sunday at 1:10pm

April 29th    Sox vs Orioles         Monday at 7:10pm

April 30th    Sox vs Orioles         Tuesday at 7:10pm 


May 1st      Sox vs Orioles       Wednesday at 7:10pm     

May 13th    Sox vs Indians       Monday at 7:10pm 

May 14th    Sox vs Indians       Tuesday at 1:10pm

May 16th    Sox vs Blue Jays   Thursday at 7:10pm

May 17th    Sox vs Blue Jays   Friday at 7:10pm

May 18th    Sox vs Blue Jays   Saturday at 1:10pm

May 19th    Sox vs Blue Jays   Sunday at 1:10pm

May 27th    Sox vs Royals        Monday at 1:10pm

May 28th    Sox vs Royals        Tuesday at 7:10pm

May 29th    Sox vs Royals         Wednesday at 7:10pm

May 30th    Sox vs Indians        Thursday at 7:10pm

May 31st    Sox vs Indians        Friday at 7:10pm


June 1st      Sox vs Indians      Saturday at 1:10pm 

June 2nd     Sox vs Indians      Sunday at 1:10pm

June 10th    Sox vs Nationals   Monday at 7:10pm

June 11th    Sox vs Nationals   Tuesday at 7:10pm 

June 28th    Sox vs Twins         Friday at 7:10pm

June 30th    Sox vs Twins         Sunday at 1:10pm 


July 2nd       Sox vs Tigers      Tuesday at 7:10pm 

July 3rd        Sox vs Tigers      Wednesday at 7:10pm

July 4th        Sox vs Tigers      Thursday at 1:10pm

July 22nd     Sox vs Marlins     Monday at 7:10pm

July 23rd      Sox vs Marlins     Tuesday at 7:10pm

July 24th      Sox vs Marlins     Wednesday at 7:10pm

July 25th      Sox vs Twins       Thursday at 7:10pm

July 26th      Sox vs Twins        Friday at 7:10pm

July 27th      Sox vs Twins        Saturday at 6:10pm 

July 28th      Sox vs Twins        Sunday at 7:10pm

July 30th      Sox vs Mets         Tuesday at 7:10pm

July 31st      Sox vs Mets         Wednesday at 7:10pm 


Aug 1st       Sox vs Mets        Thursday at 1:10pm 

Aug 9th      Sox vs Athletics   Friday at 2:10pm 

Aug 10th    Sox vs Athletics   Saturday at 6:10pm

Aug 11th    Sox vs Athletics   Sunday at 1:10pm

Aug 12th    Sox vs Astros      Monday at 7:10pm

Aug 13th    Sox vs Astros      Tuesday at 7:10pm

Aug 14th    Sox vs Astros      Wednesday at 1:10pm

Aug 22nd   Sox vs Rangers   Thursday at 7:10pm

Aug 27th    Sox vs Twins        Tuesday at 7:10pm

Aug 28th    Sox vs Twins        Wednesday at 7:10pm

Aug 29th    Sox vs Twins        Thursday at 1:10pm


Sept 8th     Sox vs Angels      Sunday at 1:10pm

Sept 10th   Sox vs Royals      Tuesday at 7:10pm 

Sept 11th   Sox vs Royals       Wednesday at 7:10pm

Sept 12th   Sox vs Royals      Thursday at 1:10pm

Sept 24th   Sox vs Indians      Tuesday at 7:10pm

Sept 25th   Sox vs Indians      Wednesday at 7:10pm

Sept 26th   Sox vs Indians      Thursday at 7:10pm