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Latko Wealth Management, Ltd. - Frankfort, IL

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Yes, we are Fiduciaries!

There are over 32,000 Financial Advisors in the Chicago land area, Why work with us?

When we talk about the ways that wealth and financial stability can define an individual, it has little to do with a balance sheet, and more to do with a balanced life. As your trusted advisor, we are wholly dedicated to helping you reach a higher purpose for your wealth and design a lasting legacy for your family. We leverage deep industry knowledge, a vast network of specialized services, proven investment strategies and a passion for serving you. There is so much more than just finding the appropriate investments for your situation, there's a tailor made process that each client can experience to help meet all of their needs in life, we don't stop at investing, that's just where we begin... 

Below is a picture of the financial body, where there are many different parts just like a real human being. Where we see many financial plans go wrong is when there are several different people trying to control this body, different advisors, lawyers, accountants and so on, all trying to move on their own instead of in unison. Worst of all, charging different fees to complete these tasks. When you work with us we encompass the entire financial body, we want to take care of all your needs and questions under the same advisor fee we charge that is solely linked to the investments. You call us whenever you have a question about ANY topic and if we don't have an answer our promise is to find you one.    

The Financial Body


Our Promise to You:


We want to make sure our clients get the attention they deserve, that's why we go out of our way to make sure we have a minimum of at least 77 different interactions with you each year. 

Weekly News Letters - 52          Monthly Statements - 12          Invites to Client Events - 2-4         Quarterly Paper Reviews - 4     Semi/Annual Review - 2            Client Seminars - 2                             Birthday Cards - 1     


It’s our job to understand the complexities of your situation and our financial plans are designed with your personalized goals in mind. We’ll continually evaluate your plan to make sure your financial plan is on track towards your goals and updated as your life changes. 


We speak your language to ensure you have a clear understanding of what we’re going to do with your money. Our on-going communications provide continual transparency so you’ll stay informed on the markets and know what’s happening with your investments.


You should know what you’re paying your advisor and how we apply those fees to your investments. We’ll explain our fee structure so you have confidence that you’re receiving value from your advisor. After our conversation, your questions will be answered and make sense to you.


We want to add convenience to your lives and many of our services are designed to do just that. Whether working in tandem with your other advisors or providing holistic planning services, we’re on your team and offer simplicity and clarity to you.


Our team that serves you is knowledgeable and has been in this industry since 1979. We have experienced many events that have changed the financial world as we know it and we want to pass that information along to all of our clients. We exist to serve as your guide for life’s big tradeoff decisions and by working with us, we want you to be confident you made the right decisions.