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For Your Children

When you join our family, your family comes with, brothers,sisters, uncles and aunts and even your children. We will do our best to educate your children so we can help them become financially independent. Below is a list of videos that can help you explain to your children or grandchildren the importance of budgeting, understanding the difference between a want and a need or how debit and credit cards differ.

Planning For College

60% of families don't have a college savings strategy. Learn what you need to know to get started.

Credit Cards Vs Debit Cards

You’d be surprised how many young adults don’t know the difference between Credit and Debit Cards. This video explains the basics of bankcards and how to use them wisely

Spending Less Than You Earn

Do your kids know the golden rule of personal finance? Use this video to show them that spending less than they earn is their ticket to a successful financial future.

How To Create A Budget

Learning to budget is essential to any healthy financial life. Show your children the basics of budgeting with this video to help them learn to make every penny count.

Buying Vs Leasing

What’s the better choice for your kids to get their own car? This video explains the financial advantages between buying or leasing a car when you’re young.